Robyn Sullivan is an illustrator who lives in Quincy, Massachusetts. She is pursuing an apprenticeship post grad with the end goal of an established career as a tattoo artist. She has always had a fascination with the art of body modification and the enhanced individuality that it promotes. Not only that, but the opportunity to directly help others who find tattooing as a source of healing has always seemed like a rewarding path to take for her.

She began creating these pieces primarily to explore the wide spectrum of possibility in the art of body modification, in addition to some experimentations in other mediums. From sentimentality to purely aesthetic, the opportunities are limitless in today’s world for what one can decorate themselves with. Keeping an appreciation for traditional work and the origins of this art, while putting a campy spin on things is what she enjoys doing most. She wants to put emphasis on the freedom of individuality; that not only is it important to maintain a sense of humor, but that only you can dictate what is important to you. There is beauty in not being understood by everyone and you attract the people you need in your life by exercising just that.